It Works

This morning I began preparing Leah’s famous apple crisp. It’s actually not hers but the creation of her dear friend. We’re all sworn to secrecy.

Don’t ask.

Slight error with photo pressure. Good thing my brother wasn’t choosing.

The recipe called for 12 ounces of butter – a cube and a half. Richard’s recipes are foolproof. And precise. Don’t mess with a thing and you get a product that draws raves for years.

But I was tired. I decided not to measure that last half cube. I scoffed. I EYEBALLED it.

When I measured what I thought was half against the other, they were exact.

You know why? When we were kids my mom always said, “If you cut, your brother chooses.”

Gadzooks. The pressure of a brother so empowered. He was allowed to choose first which side of whatever he wanted. A sandwich. Toast. A piece of pie…

I’m 66.

It was still a perfect half.